Boat Rocker Media

We believe in the power of great stories.

Boat Rocker is an independent, integrated global entertainment company that creates, produces and distributes premium content and brands for all platforms.

Our mission is simple: tell stories and build iconic entertainment brands that audiences love. Since being founded in 2003, Boat Rocker has thrived on working with industry-leading creators to help propel ground-breaking content for audiences around the world.

Storytelling remains at the core of everything we do. We believe that storytelling and the innate need to be entertained lie at the heart of the human condition. Great stories have always had long-lasting value and impact.

Boat Rocker is a next generation global entertainment company, built not out of bricks and mortar, but imagination, creativity and integrity.

Our Company Principles

  1. Partner with the best storytellers and do everything you can to support their vision. Challenge the vision, test its soundness, but always protect it.
  2. Embrace all forms of storytelling, because remarkable stories exist in every genre. Don’t be defined by the type of content you make. Define yourself by the quality of the content you make.
  3. Great stories can transcend television. When they do, capitalize on the opportunity to engage audiences in as many ways as possible.
  4. Excel at the business of your business. Making compelling content is only half the battle. Financial success is the other half.
  5. Hire and work with the best people you can find. Never settle for mediocrity.
  6. Treat people with integrity and respect.