Temple Street, through its Scripted, Alternative and Kids & Family programming divisions, operates within Boat Rocker Studios and is responsible for producing premium television series such as Orphan Black, Killjoys, X Company, Million Dollar Critic, The Next Step and Lost & Found Music Studios.

Radical Sheep Productions is committed to developing, producing and exploiting innovative, entertaining and high quality content across multiple platforms.

With over 500 episodes of award-winning series and successful licensing programs to its name, including Yup Yups on Family Jr. Canada, the multi-award winning Stella and Sam, Can You Imagine That! on TVOKids and Knowledge Kids, and the celebrated Big Comfy Couch, Radical Sheep has been an established and acclaimed Canadian production company since 1992.

Boat Rocker Digital is a division of Boat Rocker Studios specializing in designing and building original digital-first global media properties, including apps, console and mobile games, software and interactive, virtual reality and video content.

Crooked Horse Productions is a creative-first full-service content production company with offices in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. After more than a decade of creating and producing over 150 hours of premium unscripted content as “Temple Street – Factual,” Crooked Horse Productions now emerges as a distinct division of Boat Rocker Media.

Jam Filled Entertainment is a full service digital animation studio that partners with creators, producers, brands and broadcasters in the production of 2D and 3D animation content across all genres and for all platforms. With over 200 seats in it’s state-of-the-art Ottawa and Toronto facilities, Jam Filled provides clients and partners with world class services from concept to animation.

Industrial Brothers is a company that is focused on creating original and entertaining content with memorable characters that tell unique stories for kids of all ages.

Industrial Brothers believes that valuable children’s entertainment gives kids a sense of personal empowerment and a feeling of ownership with the content they interact with. As media becomes more interactive and mobile, there is now a chance for them to create their own stories and become  a part of a much bigger world outside of their own.

Industrial Brothers believe imagination should be valued in each individual, and shared with the world.

Boat Rocker Media is a shareholder in Industrial Brothers.