Nkandla Nschmandla

In a report released in March, Public ProtectorThuli Madonsela found that (South African President Jacob) Zuma had derived undue benefit and should pay for some of it out of his own pocket.

So tell us something we don’t know.

The whole affair stinks worse than a bombadier beetle, and quite clearly there’s been some foul play at work.

But what did Zuma do? Well he swept the whole thing under the carpet. Just like that. He asks the police minister, Nkosinathi Nhleko (somebody whom Zuma appointed and therefore owes his polictical career to Zuma), whether he should repay some of the money. Here is his response.

Turkeys vote for Christmas Jacob, they really do !!

Three cheers for Juju

Julius Malema, Juju, is good for South Africa. Many people fear him due to his threats to privatise the mines. Maybe that’s a valid fear. But he isn’t going to get a parliamentary majority any time soon so can’t implement any of his own policies without the assistance of others. But he’s good for South Africa because he is shaking up politics and making people a little uneasy about their comfy roles. The ANC is too comfy helping its cronies rather than driving change across the entire country. The DA never thought any other party would represent the opposition. But Juju’s EFF has them on their toes. His party is asking the right question – why are the poor no better off than twenty years ago? His swearing in ceremony in the parliament was a master stroke – EFF members dressing in the work clothes of the poor. He’s got people talking, and he’s getting younger people engaged in politics. Good on him.